Tooth loss can sometimes result in the need to have a dental implant. Unlike bridges and dentures that may be taken out, a dental implant is permanent replacement.

To assist with the dental professional’s planning, a CT Scan of the jaw is ordered and a specialized software package called “Simplant” is utilized to create additional images.

“Simplant” utilizes ultra-thin CT Scan images of the jaw bone for precise pre-operative planning. The ability to evaluate the quality and quantity of bone makes it possible to determine the ideal location for a dental implant. The CT Scan allows the doctor to note structures such as the nerve that passes thru the mandible (lower jaw) and the maxillary sinus that is within the bone of the upper jaw.

The CT of the jaw is a painless, non-invasive 10-minute scan. Dental Scan is not covered by Medical Insurance.

Prepare for your Dental Scan appointment